African American Day Parade

A powerful moment where officials hold up a New York State flag, an African nation flag and the American flag in unity!

These parade participants are “Fired Up!” Are you?

Protestors for the freedom of political prisoners show face at the parade.

The Black Panther Party, a very well known group makes its way down Adam Clayton Powell Blvd. When asked what the parade meant to her, 34 year-old Danielle Litz replied “Really it’s unity, cultural unity and pride.”

Wow! Who knew the New York Police Department had so many talented musicians?

The royal couple of the Eureka Grand Chapter Order of the Eastern Star, a religiously based fraternity, greets parade attendees.

African American officers, paramedics, EMTs and the VULCAN fraternity march in the parade with pride. When asked what she thought the mission of the parade was, 54 year-old Patricia Wade stated “To keep our spirit and history alive.” She also said that black people are losing force with each other.

The New York City Police Department Guardians Association attended as well, members ranging from all ranks, from lieutenants to rookies.

Rapper Biz Markie on the 1s and 2s, getting the crowd jumping!

Several marching bands from Baltimore, Maryland attended the parade and showed NYC the true meaning of a drum line. Wade also made an interesting point saying that the drums at the parade were ways to communicate with each other, being that using drums as ways to communicate have been apart of African culture for many centuries.

What’s a marching band without dancers?

……..That is, dancers of ALL ages!

Last but certainly not least, a woman did not forget to raise a sign protesting an end to an unfortunate circumstance plaguing many urban communities. And thus concludes the 43rd Annual African American Day Parade in Harlem, NY.


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